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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 22, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> a very good morning, happening right now on fox 29 morning news. free at last. after a decade in prison there is local man waking up at home. >> it was hell. like hell on earth. if you can describe hell on earth that's what jail is to me. >> those days now behind him, new evidence proving his innocence. not valid for travel. why your pennsylvania drivers license could eventually keep you grounded if you try to use it to board a flight. plus, there is a warning this morning about a popular snack, her's recalling some of is potato chips from store shelves. great to have you with this thursday, inning closer to the weekend. i'm thomas drayton. >> good morning, everybody. we're getting there. >> getting there slowly, right? >> getting there slowly but
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surely. >> santa is loading his sled. >> we'll check the skies, the roads coming up in a bit. good morning, scott. >> good morning, i'm in for sue. of course inch closer to the holiday weekend. won't feel like winter later this afternoon with high temperatures close to ooh degrees. so, weather by the numbers on scale of one to ten for your thursday, today, we will give it a eight. it is a little cold out there to start. not as cold as previous mornings. take a look that the 32 degrees in philadelphia, the winds is calm, as we look at temperatures elsewhere, 36 right now, in atlantic city, already 37 in dover, 32 right now in allentown, so, as we look at ultimate doppler, fast moving system, most of the moisture and energy as well to the north. but as we zoom in a little closer, we could see an early flurry far north and west, because lot of what you see in berks and also lehigh county, that's not making it to the grounds. but we can't rule out early flurry far north and west. otherwise, that little clipper will be moving through. some morning clouds out there.
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but giving way to sunshine, and look at the high temperature for philadelphia, 49 degrees, so, planning your day hour by hour, morning clouds out there, a cool lunch, temperatures in the low 40's, about average for this time of year. then above average by 3:00 in the afternoon, temperatures, approaching 50 degrees. so, across the region, 49 center city, upper 40's down the shore, 46 for the high temperature in the lehigh valley once again, there could be early flurry there with the morning clouds. otherwise, above average temperatures. talk about the holiday forecast, when some of cows see some rain for a part of the holiday weekends, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 4:02, and it is certainly a good morning for the language in northeast philadelphia. i love that little dissolve there, good morning, hitting some good buttons there in the control room. good news for motorists that use i-95. all last night penndot pulling an overnight. they opened up four lanes on the construction zone between cottman avenue and girard
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avenue. we can either roll some video from our copper from last night. here is a live shot, our news van on the scene here. so if you are headed south or north this morning, you are going to feel and realize something is different. there is four lanes open between cottman avenue and bridge street. >> this this has been the hot construction zone since way back, got underway in 2012. so for the last four years, it has been nothing but cones north and southbound. there is the philly skyline in the background. so southbound definitely social security different. but let's go to the maps. don't get too excited now. because they've only opened up four lanes to bridge street. the rest of the stretch, from bridge into center city, still is under construction. but at least we can ring the bell and pop some champagne there this morning. so for the last four years putting one that construction, still have to deem with this again today. this is columbus boulevard,
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the water main break, that occurred couple every days ago, water department says they took a break on the overnight. there is that one lane getting through, but at 9:00, southbound columbus boulevard, will close it again from the ramps from 95 down to washington avenue, off ramps to columbus will also be closed at 9:00 a.m. again, that will be a project through the midday to give yourselves extra time in and out of center city. coming into center city at the moment, vine expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad street. the normal overnight construction there. regional rail lines, off to good start this morning. they had canceled the cynwyd line last night, we will see what happens from the first word from septa this morning, but, so far so good, the trains getting out of the gate with no delays. both the market frankford and the broad street subway are using shuttle buses until 5:00. thomas, back over to you. >> so i just happened to be out, you know what i mean, it was messed up what happened to me. but it is over now.
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so i a.m. going to go on and start my life. >> been a long time. finally free after spending ten years in prison for a crime he did not commit. this morning, dante rollins is waking up at home with his family. the philadelphia man cleared of all charges including the attempted murder of a six year old boy. our jenny joyce live from center city this morning, with more on this long awaited homecoming. jenny, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. and dante rollins told our chris o'connell last night he was looking forward to a hot bath, home cooked meal and reconnecting with his mother after nearly ten years behind bars. dante walked out of prison yesterday with a big smile on his face surrounded by his lawyers and his family after da seth williams dropped a 2006 attempted murder charge against him. rollins was accused of playing a role in a shoot that left a six year old boy paralyzed in strawberry mansion. the 29 year old was serving 62 to 125 year prison sentence,
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and was awaiting a new trial when he was released. the da stopped short of calling rollins innocent, but says, new information cast reasonable doubt in rollins' involvement. video evidence showing rollins was no where near the crime scene. a piece of evidence has originally attorney never brought up in court. rollins can thank the innocence project and his mother for his release. >> hell, hell on earth, you can describe hell on earth, that's what it was for me, because i didn't belong there. so being there, and i didn't belong there, it made my days extremely long. >> what's this christmas going to be like, ava? >> probably tiring, because, you know, got to do a lot of things we haven't done in years, you know, a lot of catching up to do. >> over time, i've been over it, but right now i'm still a little upset, because it shouldn't have never happened. but thanks to my lawyers and my family that stuck with me and supported me through everything, it is finally over. >> this man is stone cold innocent and it just pains me that a lawyer who didn't do
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his job resulted him in losing nine years of his life. it is really heart breaking. it is wonderful. who couldn't be moved by this? >> rollins says now that he's been released he plans to help other inmates in a similar situation, sent us pictures last night enjoying nice meet meal with his family and his lawyers, he said, now he will live for his mother, whatever she wants him to do, he'll do it, because she played such a big role in his release. thomas? >> really great present this holiday season, jenny, thank you. time is 4:07. looking at other headlines this morning, prosecutors have charge add man in the death of his girlfriends' toddler. twenty-one year old ram ear cussis facing charges in the death of two year old ram ear. he is the boyfriend of 23 year old andrea, also facing charges related to her son's death. police say zaire had laceration to his liver, chest bruising, abrasions on his
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body and thc in his system, when police were called to his home last month. he later died at a hospital. police say the toddler suffered from child abuse. furniture maker ikea has agreed pay $50 million to three families whose children were killed after dressers tipped over and fell on top of them. one of those the family of core inch callous, the two year old west chester boy who died in 2014, after an ikea dresser toppled on top of him. ikea will also donate $50,000 to the children's hospital of philadelphia in memory of curran. >> happening now, mr. is have man in custody who they've been after for months. they believe he murdered a delaware county woman with this knife. they pulled from a sewer. police say 36 year old sham oral end, jr., picked his victim at random. natasha gibson found with her throat slashed outside her home back in september. fox 29's dave kinchen reports, the suspect could be tied to other attacks.
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>> this is what i want for christmas. and i'm getting it. we're going to find justice. >> zelda gibson result to go multiple murder charges filed against 37 year old byron allen, accused in the violent throat slashing death of her daughter, natasha gibson, this past september. >> we're going to get justice finally. >> delaware county prosecutors say byron allen had no connection to 32 year old natasha gibson, randomly target dollars her as she went to family friends' house on bailey road in yeadon. he confronted her as she got to the steps. >> over 20 stab wounds to her body, multiple stab wounds to her chest, her face, her neck, her neck was slashed open. >> a trail of blood followed moving away from the scene stretching all the way into philadelphia to a store where investigators say, allen was captured on surveillance video, bleeding from the hand. a steak knife, bloody baseball bat, gibson's i.d. cards and purse were found by detective along the way.
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>> this is haneous brutal murder and the motive is the stalking and the knife, just to kill, the sport of killing, is the motive in this particular case. >> prosecutors say allen was already in custody for at least three sexual assaults of women in kensington. his dna in the system from prior cases, and it was matched for blood tested in natasha gibson murder. >> this is probably the most dangerous criminal i've ever seen in my years here in delaware county as the district attorney. >> prosecutors say they'll seek life in prison if not the death penalty. >> unfortunate situation, going through mixed emotions where we're happy and then we're sad. >> prime suspect in the rape and murder of a philadelphia woman that case under investigation. in yeadon, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news". time now 410:67:89 it is going to get a little more difficult for pennsylvania residents using their drivers license as identification to catch a flight.
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it is all thanks to the real id act, which takes effect in january, of 2018. now the law requires all drivers license to be compliant, but pennsylvania passed the law back in 2012. that a fight that would not participate in the act. delaware is compliant. new jersey has an extension until october 10 of 2017. no compromise, no repeal. why north carolina's controversial bathroom law remains on the books this morning, despite a special session to call it back. bob, good morning. >> can you believe that we're -- we've made it, we're alive to see the owning of all four lanes on 95 in northeast philadelphia. we are looking live with our news van at cottman avenue. we will have all of the detail. scotty has got your forecast when we come right back.
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good thursday morning, welcome back, the time now 4:14. it is colds out there, not as colds as it has been. look at the temperatures right now in philadelphia, 32 degrees. the winds right now are calm but later on today they'll be picking up, turning somewhat blustery, as well. but as we take a look at the temperatures, area wide, once again, not as frigid. thirty-four right now, lancaster. thirty-seven in dover. thirty-six over in atlantic city. north and west, temperatures right now, in the low 30's, right around freezing. off to the north and west, we
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are watching a fast moving clipper, not whole lot of moisture with that, but with that being said, we will kind of zoom in little closer. a lot of what you see in berks county, also moving toward the lehigh valley, not making it to the grounds. but there could be an early flurry chance with that disturbance, once again, most of the energy off to the north and the west. so morning clouds out there. that front will be moving through. winds will be shifting later on this afternoon, out of the north and west with gusts up to 20, maybe 30 miles per hour. so, temperature wise, though, once again, above average. we are talking near 50, philadelphia. fifty in atlantic city. low 40's for you in wilmington, along with dover. mid 40's once you move north and west. temperatures for tonight, dip back into the upper 20's, to low 30's, out there. we should stay dry. it will be clear for the overnight. we've advanced the clock ahead to your saturday. because that's our next best chance for some rainfall. temperatures, early in the morning, could be right around
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freezing far north and west, might start off as a little bit every freezing rain before changing over to all rain as we move toward, once again, this is on saturday, at least the first part of the day. but watch the moisture, as it pushes on out to sea. talking about decrease in clouds, and clearing, into the afternoon and also the evening for your saturday on christmas eve. what about christmas day? as we take a look at the past several years, you can see, last year's high temperature, on christmas, was 68. this year, looks like, we will top outright around 50 degrees. so once again, recapping the holiday forecast, right now, looks like, we will have clouds cover, some early showers around, on your christmas eve. temperatures ultimately top outright around 48 degrees, looks like that rain will be out of here late on christmas eve. as we focus in on christmas day, sun and clouds, temperatures top outright around 50 degrees. coming up, we will spend out that entire seven day forecast, and talk about when temperatures could flirt with
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60 degrees. bob kelly? >> good morning, scotty. good morning, everybody. it is 4:16, and santa claus dropped a little christmas present for the folks in northeast philly last night. here is a live look at i-95. we are on the the cottman avenue ramps. we're all four lanes open. this phase of the construction project, complete. check it off our to-do list. let's roll video from skyfox. over the scene last night, they made the final preparations, moved the cones around, and opened up all four lanes of 95 between cottman avenue and bridge street. this is a project that we have been sitting through and gridlock and frustration filled since 2012. so it marks the ends after four-year project here in northeast philadelphia. let's go to the maps. don't pop the champagne yet. or i should say don't drink it all, because it is not a complete fix. there are four lanes open between cottman avenue and bridge street.
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however, the project between bridge street and center city, is going to go on until about the year 2025. so we still have some construction to deal with, but at least, that stretch up there, the first phase, is complete. and we're going to definitely see some smiling motorists when you head southbound today. good morning, center city. no problems here along center city. we have that water main break still going to cause delays today. now, columbus boulevard, southbound, one lane is open now. but at 99:00 they're going to close columbus boulevard, from 95 to washington avenue. then also close the off-ramps again today to make those final repairs. the vine expressway still closed until about 5:00 this morning. between the schuylkill and broad street. trying to wrap up all of these project, before we get into the holiday weekends, the benny looking good, coming up and over into downtown, we had some construction on the walt whitman bridge overnight. that's gone. blue route looking good. oh, this is looking good, too,
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look at this, we have candy canes, got the reindeer, even the old blue lights on the top of the roof there. come on, that is very kelly christmas. we are taking all of your pictures that you're sending them and putting them on tv. also putting them up on the website. i have all of the pictures up on my facebook page, bob kelly, fox 29, and tonight, we're going to load up the news van, plug in the lights, and i'm headed to cherry hill, new jersey where we will broadcast live from the front lawn of the folks over in cherry hill, during our 5:00 and our 6:00 newscast. thomas, back over to you. >> you know it will be warm enough to be an elf? >> yes. >> we'll see. all right, that's tonight at 5:00. now, to a story you'll see only on fox. from bucks, to philadelphia, all the way to the main line, surveillance video right here shows the man police believe could be behind a three county crime spree. the man is breaking into businesses, in the middle of the night and taking whatever he can get his hands on. as fox 29's dave schratwieser reports, those break-in's have detective all across the region looking at a slew of
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crimes. >> he's a one man crime spree now being tied to at least nine break-in's across a three county area. and he's not exactly camera shy, having been caught on surveillance cameras multiple times. >> it is something that's trending in the region. >> with crowbar, or claw hammering in hand, detectives say this thief has broken into businesses from bucks county, to philadelphia, and on out to the main line where he was caught on camera dragging a safe from this store in radnor, to his mercedes get-away car tuesday morning. >> he seems to come in and go straight for the safe. >> in and out, you know? no time at all. so he seems to be a professional. he's not leaving much behind. >> radnor highs comes after bensalem police put thought video of the suspect behind the wheel of older mile e-class merced eels, as he bus into five businesses, including a food mart, where he stole a thousand dollars in cigarettes, a nail salon, and paint store. those five burglaries took place in the early morning hours, over a two-day period.
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>> he's calculated, he's going from place to place, town to town, and just reek ago lot of havoc, at this point need to get him off the street. >> southwest detective say the same suspect again driving the mercedes struck three times mob day, breaking into the front door of pizza place, then next-door at this t-mobile store. wednesday night workers were busy replacing the glass dorra block away at this contradict store. he stole carbon each occasion. >> it seems odd that he's just going for cash registers and money, so we're thinking maybe he's addicted and just going for monday. >> i now trying to determine if this might be the same bandit caught on camera breaking into nine businesses, mostly along aramingo avenue back in november. >> there is a male that looks similar to this male driving a town and country, breaks into three businesses up there, and obviously takes monday. >> i detective have recovered surveillance video from several other stores. they're now trying to determine if this suspect could have been involved in as many as 15 burglaries in the tri-county area. dave schratwieser, "fox 29
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news". a developing story here at 4:21, a deal to repeal north carolina's so-called bathroom law has failed. north carolina's legislature was called into a special session last night to consider repealing the law known as hb2. but the deal died, and the republican controlled state legislature. among other things, the law requires trans gender individuals to use rest rooms, corresponding with effect on the birth certificate. in many public buildings. the law by the way has cost the state to lose several major sporting events in concerts. >> all right, listen up this morning, popular snack food is being pulled from store shelves. why her's is calling back some of it potato chips. her her's. hers
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good morning, i'm sean bell. the eagles getting ready to face a red hot giant defense, carson wentz talks about how good that unit is, especially, with safety landon collins. >> i like to mix it up quite a bit, cover zero is a big thing they like to do. so we got to be ready for. that will we got to be ready for a lot of different blintz, blitz looks, we got to know where 21 landon collins is, he's all over the field, he flies around. >> to the flyers and capitols, the flyers showed up. they went to shoot-out and steve mason getting it done
4:26 am
once again. that was the game winning save, and the flyers get a big huge win, three to two, to college hoops, villanova taking on american university. chris jenkins account steel, squash heart with the easy lay in right there. nova out scored american 50 to 19 in the second half. nova wins 90-48. improving to 12 and zero. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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very good morning to you, ten years behind bars, that's how long a man, that man there, spent in prison for a crime prosecutors now say he didn't commit. talk about the flood of emotions, as he was set free, just in time for the holidays. also, ahead this morning, cashing in on the medical marijuana business. when and how you can get your official license to grow and sell the drug in pennsylvania. >> and a warning, before you eat those herr's potato chips, why the company is voluntarily recalling some, not all, but some of its popular smacks. great to have you with us on this morning, on this thursday morning, karen hepp has the day off, rightfully so. and all of the girls are off. the degrees in charge. i don't know if this is going to be good. >> it's going to be great. >> we have little present. the i9 the a stretch in the
4:30 am
northeast? >> we have a great present for you. early christmas gift. since 2012 it's been working. so we have good news and we have bad news. i'll tell but that in a second. >> thank you, bob. let's talk about the weather. i can't believe last year we were talking 60s? >> near 70, yes. near 70, looks like temperatures for the christmas weekends will still be above average. but not talking about 70 degrees numbers at all. but, right now it is not as cold as it has been. the prior mornings here across the delaware valley. we are checking in right at freezing currently in philadelphia, the winds are calm, as well, as we look at numbers, area wide right now, 37 degrees in dover, this thursday morning. thirty-six in atlantic city. thirty-two right now in allentown, so, take a look at ultimate doppler. we have some clouds out there. also little bit of precipitation, having hard time making it to the ground, in lancaster county, berks county, but don't be surprised over the next hour or so, to see a couple of passing flurries, or perhaps, a sleet pellet, as we watch a disturbance that will be
4:31 am
moving on off to the north and east, later on today. but most of the energy with that is in up-state new york. as we continue to watch those morning clouds push out of here, temperatures are going to rebounds really nicely. yesterday's high was 45. i think by this afternoon, we will be in the upper 40's, in philadelphia, so really, temperatures above the average for this time of year, which is 43. so, we are going 49 in center city, upper 40's down the shore, 46 in the lehigh valley, once again, cloudy start there. don't be surprised to see couple of early flurries. hey, we've got a game tonight. thursday night football, it will be cloudy, chilly, and also breezy, winds will be picking up northwest ten to 15 miles per hour, temperatures by kick off will be in the upper 30's there, at the linc. so coming up we will talk about the above average temperatures, also right now, looks like rain, bob kelly, for a part of the upcoming holiday weekends. >> we will pull coal in your stocking but tell you what, santa claus dropped a little early present for the gang in northeast philadelphia. we are looking live, news van,
4:32 am
on the scene here, 95, we're all four lanes back in business between cottman avenue and bridge street. this was the first phase of that started all the way back in 2012, four years ago, around the same time, they started the project in the northeast, rebuild, and widen 95 and the first phase is complete. so, four lanes open here down to bridge street. let's roll video from skyfox, over the scene last night, when they pulled over the cones, and cut the ribbon, and running the bell. there you go. so definitely going to notice something different this morning on your trip north or southbound. but between that stretch of cottman avenue and bridge street, so pay a ten sharks all new lines painted, construction barrels that became a part of our fixture on 95 are gone. however, let's go to the maps. again, four lanes, between cottman avenue and bridge street, but don't drink all of that champagne because the project is still down to only
4:33 am
three lanes from the betsy ross bridge into center city, that probably isn't going to be complete for another five, six years, they got some cool pictures and details up on their website, 95, revive. com. take the good news in, be ready for more construction, out here on the vine street expressway closed until 5:00 this morning between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. they're pretty good with opening that up by 5:00. the water department will be back again today, along columbus boulevard, right now, there is one lane open, southbound, between 95 and washington. that will close at 9:00 today. and they're also going to close the off-ramps from 95 to columbus boulevard, so they can continue to make those repairs. you got t eagles-giants tonight. kick off at 8:25. septa sports express trains start kicking in around 6:00. but you know our eagles fans, we will be down there little early firing up the hot chocolate, and the breakfast sandwiches for the tailgaters down there in south philly. thomas, back over to you. >> you know it, all right,
4:34 am
bob, thank you. time now 4:33. >> like when i get home, i'm going to open my life for meyer mother. i'm going to live for her. whatever she wants me to do. >> that's what he says, living for mom. that's what dante rollins said i'll be doing now that he's local from prison. the philadelphia man finally home, after serving ten years for a crime he didn't commit. all charges have been dropped against the 29 year old, including the attempted murder after young boy. let's get taught jenny joyce who is live in center silt which more on his future plans, a lot of catching to up do, jen. >> i talk about christmas present, thomas. this man, dante rollins, is now out, just a few days before the christmas holiday, he was supposed to send minimum of 62 years behind bars, but as you mention, those charges have been dropped. the announcement came yesterday, from business strict -- district attorney seth williams. he was released from a correctional system last night with a big smile on his face surrounded by his lawyers and
4:35 am
his family. after da seth williams dropped a 2006 attempted murder charge against him. rollins was accused of playing a role in a shooting that left a six year old boy paralyzed in strawberry mansion. the 29 year old was serving a 62 to 125-year prison sentence, and was awaiting a new trial when he was released. the da stopped short of calling rollins innocent, but says, new information cast reasonable doubt in rollins involvement. which was video evidence showing rollins was no where near the crime scene. a piece of evidence that his original attorney never brought up in court. rollins can thank the innocence project and his mother for his release. he says, his situation has motivated him to help others. >> you seeing daylight for the first time in ten years. how do you feel? >> i feel good. you know what i mean? feel real good. going to go home and eat and spends time with family. >> i'm incredibly happy for dante and for mrs. rollins, you know, they're wonderful people. they're salt of the earth.
4:36 am
>> this man is stone colds innocent. and it just pains me that a lawyer who didn't do his job result in the him losing nine years of his life. it is really heart breaking. >> it can happen to anybody. so it doesn't happen to me, it can happen to other people, there is people in jail who still shouldn't be there. there is people who died in jail who should been home. there is people in jail sentencing too long for their crimes. there is things everybody needs to be aware of. by me being home, i think i will get into that field a little bit and try to help guys in situations like minor similar to mine to help them get out. >> dante rollins told our chris o'connell last night he was looking forward a hot bath, home cooked meal and reconnecting with his mom after nearly ten years behind bars, and you heard him say, he will be living for his mom, whatever she want him to do, he will do it, because she helped him get released from prison. thomas? >> long awaited reunion, jenny, thank you. prosecutors say killing was a sport foreman charged with a brutal slashing death of a delaware county woman. they have charged 37 year old
4:37 am
byron allen, junior in the murder of natasha gibson in september. this was brutal. they say he randomly picked a 32 year old, as she was going to a family friends' house, slashed her throat, and stabbed her more than 20 times. investigators say, he left a blood trail from yeadon all the way to philadelphia. police followed that trail to a steak knife that he had dumped in a storm drain. the victim's family says they really have mixed emotions about the charges. >> this is what i wanted for christmas. and i'm getting it. we're going to find justice. it is an unfortunate situation. we're going through mixed emotions like we're happy, then at the same time, we're sad. >> investigators say, allen was already facing charges for at least three sexual assaults of women in kensington. he's the prime suspect in the rape and murder of another woman. all right, do you recognize three, these three guys right here? philadelphia police say this trio is wanted in connection with assault inside a chain a town restaurant.
4:38 am
this is one of the suspect. happened this past sunday at the crown fried chicken near 11th and filbert street. that's right next to the reading terminal market, in convention center. so, investigators say two of the menace all the dollars, a 29 year old man inside a store bathroom. in all, three took off with the man's wallet. >> 4:38. developing story this morning. if you love potato chips, you may want to check your pantry. there is a recall on several bags of herr's chips. so the recall involves herr's and peddler's pantry brands. it is the herr's smoked chipotle flavored kettle cooked pay tate owe chip. also peddler's pantry smoke dried kettle cooked potato chips. the chips could be contaminated when salmonella. the dates and codes are available on herr's website. by the way if you have these recalled chips, just return them to the store. they're going to gave you a full refund. >> if you live in pennsylvania soon you will be able to start
4:39 am
applying to grow and distribute medical marijuana. state health officials say they'll be excepting applications over the next couple of months. permit applications for dispensaries, and for growers, will be available on line starting january 17th. the first phase will involve to up 12 grower permits, in 27 dispensary licenses. officials say about 5,000 people have provided public comment about the program. most of them list pain and post-traumatic stress as reasons to use the drug. health officials hope to have the system up and running in about a year and a half. the golden gateway. you remember this right here? a man steels more than 80 pounds of gold off the back after truck in broad daylight. what police this morning have learned about the million dollars bandit. bob? >> hey, gang, good morning. no problems on the schuylkill expressway. as we go for a ride, coming around the conshy curve, leaving king of prussia, headed into downtown. let's go to the airport, within i check in this morning, they say today off i shall will i begins the busy
4:40 am
holiday travel time. make sure you get down there two hours before your flight departure time. we will check the jam cam, and good news on 995, and that holiday forecast, when we come right back.
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we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
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>> youtube star known for his video pranks was booted off recent flight. he says it was no laughing matter. >> we're getting kidding out because we spoke a different language. >> why are people --
4:43 am
>> i'm upset that that's happening. >> that right there is adam, he tweeted about the incident right before he was taking off the new york bound flight at heathrow airport. says passengers complained, they felt uncomfortable when he spoke to his mom on the phone in arabic before take off. delta said in a statement to the washington post, two customers were removed from the from this flight and later re book after a disturbance in the cabin, result in the more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort. by the way, delta says there will be a full review. >> the man wanted for swiping over a million dollars worth of gold from an armored truck in new york city has been identified. well besides being bold, investigators say, he's 53 year old julio. seen on surveillance video taking a bucket of gold back in september. police believe he went down south, possibly to mexico, now has resurface in the los angeles. $100,000 reward is being offered for his capture.
4:44 am
well tis the season, couple of more days until christmas, certainly brighter holiday season for more than two dozen area boys and girls. how some sixers stars helped to spread the holiday cheer. that's straight ahead.
4:45 am
4:46 am
>> we have brand new stretch of roadway for in you northeast philadelphia, let's roll video from skyfox, when we were over the northeast stretch last night, 95,
4:47 am
northeast philly, four lanes are brands spanking new, and ready for your driving pleasure this morning, between cottman avenue, and bridge street. >> this started the whole 95 construction, reconstruction, back in 2012, it has been four years, since we've driven for this long of a stretch, without any orange cones, on the roadway. come on back to my maps here. that all happened last night. so definitely going to see and feel a difference there is morning, north and south, between cottman avenue, and bridge street, but before you drink all of the champagne, the stretch between the betsy ross bridge and center city, still the construction zones, still only three lanes, probably not until 2025 will that project, be completed. they have cool pictures up on their website there, 95 revive. com. still working downtown on the vine street expressway. closed until about 5:00 between the schuylkill
4:48 am
and broad street. again, they're trying to wrap all of this stuff up here before the holidays, 42, kind of quiet as you work your way in toward the city, water main break, still with us here, in south philly. now, they have one lane open, columbus boulevard between 95 and washington, however, they'll close that stretch, at about 9:00 today. also, going to close the off-ramps to columbus boulevard, so they can make all of the final repairs, so far so good on first couple of trains out of the gate here, on the regional rail lines, but again, not as cold today as it was this time yesterday. so, hopefully those switches will be working. eagles-giants tonight. i say we raise the toll on the bridges for those giants fans, trying to come into philly tonight for a game. kick off at 8:25. septa kicks off their sports express trains at about 6:00. and if you don't want to sit home and watch the eagles game, come on out with me to cherry hill, new jersey, that's where we will go tonight. hello to atco. this picture sent to us from the gang at atco, new jersey, home all decorated.
4:49 am
it is a very kelly christmas, i'll load up my news van, plug in the lights, and we're going to cherry hill, new jersey, along deer road for tonight's kelly christmas broadcast. we will be broadcasting live from the front lawn, make it about four, five houses, altogether on a cul-de-sac, we'll have big old christmas party tonight. come on by, we start the party at 5:00 right here live on tv, what's the forecast going to be like for tonight? scott has it in 15 sick. >> temperatures today will be above average. checking out bob kelly in cherry hill, temperatures will likely still be in the 40's. right now waking to up cloud cover. north and west, there could be an early flurry, or a sleet pellet, a lot of what you see
4:50 am
in lancaster county, berks county, not making it to the grounds. but we will continue to watch for maybe a flurry or a sleet pellet later on this morning. that's a disturbances that will be moving through. so out ahead of it, winds are more out of the south. but behind it, we will see the winds kinds of picking up, gusting, up to 20 miles per hour, out of the north and west. later on this evening. thirty-six right now in atlantic city, 37 in dover, and temperatures north and west, generally, in the low 30's, we have 31 reading, 31 right now in pottstown and trenton, checking in, at 31. so here is the disturbance with the morning clouds and flurry chance, it will be moving out of here, decrease in clouds, sunshine will return, look at the hi, 49 degrees. yesterday's high temperature was 45. the average for this time of year is right around 43 degrees. soap, as we focus in on what's going to be happening, high today of 49 degrees. clouds giving way to sun, becoming breezy, with those winds out of the north and west. then for tonight, overnight low temperatures, right around 31 degrees, there will be a
4:51 am
chilly breeze, with those clear skies. if you're headed to the link for tonight, turning chilly, and also, breezy, kick off temperatures right around 39 degrees. but with those winds out of the northwest, ten to 15 miles per hour it, will likely feel like the low 30's to upper 20's. let's folk in on the next best chance for some rainfall. that will be on saturday. saturday morning, we will be watching those temperatures, especially, north and west. there might and little bit of freezing rain, the onset of that precipitation. but watch what happens by 10:00 a.m. we are looking at upper 30's, to right around 40 degrees. so a cold rain on tap the first part of your saturday on christmas eve. so last minute shoppers, be prepared for some wet shopping weather out there. but then it, looks like, as we move toward the afternoon, that rain is going to be pushing out of here and temperatures moderating. looks like the rain gets out of here just in time for santa as we move toward christmas eve night. so, we folk just on the forecast, once again, cloudy,
4:52 am
early showers, upper 40's on christmas eve, then the rain get out of here, in the afternoon and evening. so by christmas day, 50 degrees, sun, and clouds, and it looks like mild temperatures. so, over the past several years, we were talking about temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, in 2014 and 2015. this year's high temperature, right around 50. that weather authority seven day forecast showing 49 for today, 47 tomorrow, upper 40's to right around 50 on hand kay, and also christmas day, but we have to watch. the first half of the day on saturday, it looks like for some of those showers. >> so i have some of my facebook friends still wanting snow on christmas. can you let them know it's not going to happen, scott? >> they have to head to the poconos. they have a good snow pack there. >> we'll all board the bus. thanks, hey, sixers center joel embiid made it special for some kids at the cherry hill mall yesterday. he gave the kids each a 100-dollar gift card from modell's and a bag full of sixers good ills. the kids of the girls and boys
4:53 am
clubs from camden county, all part of the nba season initiative gift of giving. >> couple get surprise of a lifetime. how one local community came together to help this couple tie the knot. >> ♪ >> ♪
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> surprise. they've been together for 11 years, and both battled cancer. now they won't need to worry about paying for a wedding. men's warehouse, david's bridal, adelphia house, awarded kevin and ashley an all expenses paid wedding. all right, so as for a date? >> i'm kinds of thinking of february 11, because it falls on saturday this year, and it is been our anniversary since 2006. then he proposed to me on 2015, on two/11. so why not keep the tradition of the anniversary? so that way he doesn't forget the date either.
4:57 am
>> i think that's a pretty good bet. by the way the prize includes up to 125 guests, it will be held at adel fee a restaurants, in depford, new jersey, we wish them all the best. still ahead this morning, got lots to talk about. includinginclude a recall from s potato chips and talk about a free man, good morning, jenny. >> we'll have a live report coming up in just a bit. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day.
4:58 am
dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine.
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>> good morning, free at last. after a decade in prison there is local man is waking up at home. it was heltoner. >> proved his innocence just in time for the holidays. also ahead this morning, not valid for travel. why your pennsylvania drivers license could eventually keep you grounded, if you try to use it to board a flight. >> and you see them everywhere, i'm talking about herr's potato chips, but before you pick up that next bag, there is a warning, the reason some of the companies favorite smacks are being recalled this morning. >> i'm thomas drayton, karen hepp has the morning off. >> good morning, everybody. >> is santa all ready? got the list, checking it twice? >> we checked it twice, there has to be a rule of when you can add to your list, or when you can no longer add. >> okay. >> a


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